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Magle Chemoswed AB

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Magle Chemoswed

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Server Address SWEDEN Company Name Magle Chemoswed AB
History In 2017, Magle AB - a medtech research and development company based in Skåne, in southern Sweden- merged with Chemoswed AB, an active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer with roots in Pharmacia and DuPont. Both companies brought with them extensive experience and longstanding operations - in Chemosweds case leading all the way back to 1944 - into the merger. Magle Chemoswed can now boast with knowledge and experience across the whole value chain, in pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and medical devices, from idea to product, and with a strong sense of unity and belief in the future. Our vision We combine our unique knowledge of formulating delivery systems and our drug development expertise to bring innovations from idea to product Our mission We create innovative solutions to healthcare challenges Our values Creativity - We are innovative in how we work and find simple solutions to complex challenges. Accountability - We are personally responsible for delivering on our commitments. Collaboration - We work closely with each other and with our partners to meet the needs of the healthcare market. Safety and Quality - We provide outstanding products and services in line with all regulatory requirements.
Magle Chemoswed
Justin Pierce
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Magle Chemoswed
+46 (0)40 38 33 00
Justin Pierce
+46 (0)70 593 58 21
Fredrik Andersson
+46 (0)70 931 71 31
Hedda Lidgard
+46 (0)70 330 44 22

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